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Hastings: 'So Create A Difference'

In 2014 LA architects took part in the ‘Hastings: So Create a Difference’ project (click here for link), organised by the RIBA Sussex, the RIBA’s Local Initiative Fund and Hastings Urban Design Group. The project asked local architects to pick an existing “grot spot” and envisage a design that would help restore the area.

Middle Street, a forgotten public space, hidden away in the middle of the town, underused even as a service road, is our chosen ‘grot spot’ to develop. By foot, it is the fastest and most direct path from the Station into town, yet not a single pedestrian acknowledges its existence. Its dilapidated appearance disconnects it from its surroundings wasting its urban potential.

Our solution is to create a dynamic public space, above street level that links the Station to the university building by creating a plaza, and to the commercial surroundings via suspended walkways and a series of platforms that levitate above the street, adding value to the space without limiting the roads existing use.