Visiting St Davids Residential development, Wales

— Jun 22, 2022, 1:55:26 PM

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After seven years of working with the Community to introduce better affordable and private housing scheme in St Davids Pembrokeshire. Ty Dewi Penfro, we visited to see the scheme completed. The change from the normal that has brought privacy and social integration to homes not housing and has created a environmental and biodiverse Place for man to live within Nature. Overall it is a success. However the lack of care to follow the concept leaves people with dull green cladding instead of the traditional pinks, yellows and blue. Where we asked were the planners in assessing this. The planting too is not followed thoroughly and reflects the builders poor attention to detail and quality. Time will tell but LA no longer work on design and build without novation nor quality control. However, young people are moving in and staying in the City. Previously forced out by the cost as a result of second homers, they now have affordable good homes and the natural environment of Pembrokeshire will grow around them.

Mike Lawless


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