LA Origami Workshop and Competition

— Apr 30, 2020, 10:58:38 AM by Johanna Lawless


折り紙 - Kanji for origami

An origami workshop & competition took place under the supervision of Rie Ishimoto as a part of our weekly catch up meeting. Most people were struggling to make origami cranes, but everyone enjoyed learning a traditional Japanese artwork. Although two people could not complete their piece of work – one got distracted by tea and a cake (apparently it was good) and the other made a paper plane instead of a crane, other members successfully made their origami art with extraordinary creativity.

After Rie’s careful consideration, first prize went to our project architect Katie Winter for her enormous effort to practice origami in her lunch break and additional artwork of origami elephant. She would be given post-it notes with a series of origami art introduction, which was selected by our director Elizabeth.



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