Less than 20% of the UK adult population take any form of regular physical exercise, a figure significanlty lower that other European and developed nations.  Despite considerable investment by local authorities, the key provider of sport and recreation facilities and services in the community, have been unable to make any impact on participation with levels stagnating.  

The FITBOX concept was created to offer local communities a high quality and affordable leisure and fitness experience that leads to increases in participation in physical activity.

FITBOX offers compact, flexible and modular facilities using modern construction techniques to bring down over construction and development costs, which therefore differs from traditional community leisure solutions. 

FITBOX offers and range of design, build, finance and operational solutions to suit local circumstances and can operate as:

  • As a stand alone operation.
  • A dual use facility on school educational sites.
  • As an extension to existing sport and leisure facilites.
  • As part of new housing and regeneration developments.
  • As part of retail or commercial developments.
  • Status − Feasibility