Community Hospital, Thetford

The new LIFT development is a community 'one stop' health facility for Norlife. The centre provides for all local health care needs under one roof containing GP and clinical consulting rooms, family and mental health facilities, phlebotomy, audiology, podiatry, rehabilitation and dental care. The first floor contains support services of offices and staff facilities.

The design of the centre has been based around our belief that a building can have a positive effect on the curative process. The design seeks to provide a humane and comforting environment, where the inherent clinical aspects of healing can take place. LA architects have sought to ensure that the building addresses the emotional welfare of the people as much as the clinical processes. We believe the healing process begins as soon as users walk through the door.

This philosophy is applied throughout the building. Externally, the siting of the building in its landscape has been seen as a fundamental part of the design.