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Design Philosophy

  • People who use and engage with buildings come first in design; we help them to smile.
  • Architecture is not wallpaper to be applied. It is to be lived in and experienced through every sense of the human being. It should not be fashionable.
  • Fashion in architecture is followed by some. Style is unnecessary. Real design bonds people, buildings, experiences, and the environment, together; it follows neither fashion nor style.
  • Real design will exhibit its own beauty. It will be loved in spite of the blemishes, wear and failings that time, people and entropy bring.
  • Entropy is a friend and our buildings real architecture should grow more beautiful as it grows older. The lines on our faces and greying of our hair are signs of a growing beauty and elegance. Respect it, be natural and create real beauty.
  • Real beauty is simple, natural and not contrived.